Dog Security hooded Sweathshirt
SECURITY or  Camo Hooded Dog Sweatshirt
Dog Camouflage hodded sweatshirt
SECURITY or  Camo Hooded Dog Sweatshirt
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SECURITY or Camo Hooded Dog Sweatshirt

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Did someone call SECURITY?

This medium warmth hooded sweatshirt comes in two styles:
-Gray hooded Security or Camouflage.

Every evening walk needs some security presence. 

The gray hoody comes with bold, black SECURITY lettering. There is no mistaking who is escorting you safely to the nearest tree or hydrant. Your little watchdog will keep anything out of your personal space except the adoring onlookers, of course. 

The other option is a camouflage hooded sweatshirt with NO lettering. No lettering is required for this mini guard dog. He barks or oorahs his way through a crowd. 

Buy both styles and add some intimidation to your teacup pup.  

Sizes: XS, S, M

Hand wash or machine ok.

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