Fleece Blanket or Bed Cover
Fleece Blanket or Bed Cover
Fleece Blanket or Bed Cover
Fleece Blanket or Bed Cover
Fleece Blanket or Bed Cover
3g for dogs

Fleece Blanket or Bed Cover

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Soft and warm fleece blanket or bed cover 

Lay this softie on the floor or couch or spruce up the old dog bed - like a doggie duvet. Either way, your pets will thank you for spoiling them. 

This item has a very cute bone/doghouse/dog bowl pattern. It is perfect to hide a hole or stain on their bed or the carpet before company arrives!! 

Lay it down, lay your dog down on it, and wah-lah! Good for you and relaxing for doggie! It just became multi-purpose!

This is most suitable for small to medium sized dogs.

Comes in three colors: Black, beige and blue

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