Dog Guitar Playing Costume with wig
Dog Guitar Playing Costume with wig
Dog Guitar Playing Costume
Dog or Cat Guitar Playing Costume with sunglasses
3g for dogs

Guitar Star Costume

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Guitar Player Costume for Dog or Cat

Your little guy will rock around the clock in this little goodie! Entering from stage left is your guitar hero who instantly becomes center stage at the party, or maybe just the star of your own photo sesh!
This costume will get you tons of "likes" and "shares". 
Guitar player costume comes in three option:
1) Guitar Suit Only (shirt, pants, and guitar - NO wig)
2) Guitar Suit with wild hair wig. The addition of the wig looks like he's been playing a gig all night!
3) Guitar Suit with sunglasses - NO wig (color of glasses is random). This Guitar star is too cool to take off his shades, or maybe there is too much flash photography!
Sizes: M, L, XL
Size Chart:
M: Chest 13-18in
L: Chest 18-20in
XL: Chest 20-24in

Material: Polyester, easy to wash
Guitar is made of plastic.

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