About Us

Founded by a girl who loves dressing up her Schnauzer in t-shirts, bow ties, elf costumes, and glow-in-the-dark accessories! If my chickens let me dress them in sweater vests, I probably would! Hey, it gets chilly at night even here in sunny California!

Our rescue Schnauzer was my inspiration to open our store. He was not a very playful dog when we brought him home. We shopped for him all year round looking for fun toys so he would interact with us. Some of the fanciest, most expensive toys, he wanted nothing to do with. It was those silly toys that were bright and squeaky that he would love, and we loved his choices! This timid little guy had a sense of humor! 

Not always to his liking, I have dressed him up since we adopted him. He has his days where he'd rather be in nothing but his fur but he gives in to the various bandanas or bow ties regularly. 

Dressing up pets is just fun and shows them how much we love to spoil them! Fun toys create bonding between pets and their families. It is so fun to share a laugh with the kids, and our dog loves the attention when we have silly new toys or nifty accessories in our home. 

We hope you will have fun dressing up your pet with your new items, playing with humorous toys and using nifty accessories. We do our best to offer affordable prices so our items are great gift ideas too. 

All items on our site come with free shipping in the U.S. as long as you are willing to wait just a little longer for your goodies to be delivered.

We are excited to offer unique, fun novelty items as well as the necessities. You will find a collection (more soon) dedicated to dog lovers and fur mamas because sometimes it's fun to show off how much we love our pets when our pets aren't around to show off! 

With years of experience in customer service, we are happy to hear from you with positive or other feedback. Of course, positive is always the best! We hope you will give us the opportunity to resolve any issues you have because we appreciate you as a customer and are happy that you love your pets like we do. Feel free to contact us directly with questions or feedback. 

We always change and add new items so be sure to keep checking in for new goodies, gifts, and gear for dogs and dog lovers.

Have fun and thank you for shopping at 

the shop for goodies, gifts, and gear 
for dogs...and dog lovers!

Valerie, shop owner
Riverside, CA